Internal Node Network

The above diagram only shows one cloud space:

  • 3 virtual machines

  • 1 virtual firewall

  • 1 virtual switch connecting the cloud space to the VXLAN (via the VTEP)

Color scheme:

  • Red: virtual machines

    • The one that is labeled as fw_00ca is running the MikroTik RouterOS, turning the VM into a network router; there is one per cloud space, implementing various additional features, such as firewalling

    • The other ones in the picture are the virtual machines created for running end-user workloads

  • Green: Open vSwitch virtual switches

    • The one that is labeled as space_00aa is the virtual switch of the cloud space VXLAN

    • public

    • gw_mgmt

    • vxbackend

  • yellow: VXLAN tunnel endpoints (VTEPs)