On the Locations page all locations are listed:


By clicking the GID (Grid ID) you navigate to the Location Details page:


Here you can see the number of:

  • Active accounts

  • Free IP addresses

  • Running virtual machines

  • Active cloud Spaces

  • Free private networks

  • Running Windows virtual machines

From the Actions dropdown menu you can:

  • Rename Location

  • Check all virtual machines

  • Purge Logs

  • Sync available images

  • Sync available sizes

Note that that renaming a location only changes the name of the location, not the Location Code, which cannot be changed.


Under Stacks all stacks available on this location:


Public Network

The Public Networks table lists all public network address ranges available on this location:


Firewall Nodes


Virtual Machines

Here all virtual machines are listed:


Clicking the name of a virtual machines leads you to the Virtual Machine Details page.