Private Networks

For each cloud space a virtual private network is automatically created.

Behind the scenes this virtual private network gets its network address from a DHCP server that runs on a separate virtual machine with RouterOS as the operating system, also implementing a firewall that protects all virtual machines on the cloud space for which the RouterOS instance is dedicated.

On the Private Network page all private networks are listed:


For each private network the table shows:

  • ID of the private network

  • ID of the cloud space for which this private network was created

  • Public IP address of the RouterOS dedicated to the private network, shared by all virtual machines of the cloud space

  • Private IP address for managing the RouterOS

For more details on a specific private network you should click the network ID button , bringing you to the Private Network Details page:


On the Private Network Details page you can now also see the ID of the firewall node (FW Node) on which the RouterOS (virtual firewall + DHCP server) for this cloud space is running.

Also listed on the Private Network Details page are the Port Forwards for this cloud space:


Here you can see the private network (Destination IP) addresses assigned by the RouterOS DHCP server that is dedicated to the cloud space.