Grid Nodes

On the Grid Nodes page all nodes are listed:


In the configuration shown above you can see a grid of 5 nodes:

  • ovcmaster has the master role, controlling the grid and thus controlling all the other grid nodes

  • be-conv-2-01, be-conv-2-02, be-conv-2-03, be-conv-2-04 are all nodes with the cpunode and storagenode roles, physical machines combining storage and computing, this is where the actual virtual machines are running

From the Grid Nodes table you can navigate to the Grid Node Details page by clicking the name of the grid node:


Depending on the roles assigned to a Grid Node you will see different statistics.

CPU Statistics

Here the CPU usage and the system load is visualized:



In the Info section basic information about the grid is shown, including the roles and one or more IP addresses:



From here you can navigate to all statistics for the selected node:

[] []


Here all NICs active on the node are listed:


By clicking the name of a NIC you navigate to the NIC Details page:



This table lists the full jobs history for the node:


See the documentation of the Jobs page for more information.


In the Machines table all virtual machines ever created on the node are listed:


See the Virtual Machines documentation for more information.


Here all the logs are listed for the node:


See the Logs documentation for more information.

Error Conditions

This table lists all errors that occurred on the node:


See the Error Conditions documentation for more information.


All disks on the selected node are listed here:


By clicking the path you navigate to the Disk Details page: