On each virtual machine OpenvCloud has an Agent that executes work (JumpScripts) on behalf of a central Agent Controller.

On the Jobs page all jobs are listed:


Jobs are sortable and filterable by time of occurrence, command, result and state.

Job states can be:

  • OK for jobs that have been executed successfully

  • ERROR for jobs that have failed

  • TIMEOUT for jobs that have timed out

  • SCHEDULED for jobs that have not yet run

From there, by clicking the Start Time of a job you navigate to the Job Details page:


From the Job Details section you can navigate to the JumpScript Details page, with more information such as the grid and node IDs where the job ran, roles the job ran by, the executed JumpScript, which queue the job ran on and logs from the job.

There are 4 possible queues:

  • Default queue for all kinds of miscellaneous tasks

  • Hypervisor queue takes on tasks related to virtual machine management

  • IO queue is typically used for backup/restore and long IO bound related work

  • Process is for monitoring related jobs only

From there you can click through to the actual JumpScript that was executed:

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On the JumpScript Details page you also get a list of all the jobs that have been using this JumpScript:


Back on the Jobs Details page you can see the result of the JumpScript:


And below the results you can see the list with logs generated by the JumpScript:


For more information on logs, see the Logs documentation.

At the bottom of the Jobs page you might also see a second (possibly empty) list of jobs, this one is orchestrated by a more recent implementation of the Agent/Agent Controller concept: