Mute Healthchecks

Use case

Some health-checks need considerable time to be solved. for example when a physical actions is required or when we understand it's a bug and it will be fixed later (e.g. false positive alarm).

Integration with JIRA

Mute Health-check

When muting a health check, an issue will be created in JIRA on the configured project and the user will be required to add the following information:

  • Summary : the title of the issue

  • Description: detailed description of the issue

  • Priority: priority of the issue

  • Impact: (if it is configured in the grid settings)

  • System: (if it is configured in the grid settings)

Un-mute Health-check

  • a comment will be added to the related issue to report the health-check is un-muted


to enable the integration with jira, add the following section under environment.settings section in the system-config configmap:

host: <JIRA hostname>
username: <JIRA username>
token: <JIRA API token>
project: <Project>

to configure Impact or System custom fields add this to the above configrations, for example:

- name: Impact
- Extensive / Widespread
- Significant / Large
- Moderate / Limited
- Minor / Localized