Installer script manual

The installer script is used to:

  • Set up the Kubernetes cluster on the controller nodes and deploy the OpenvCloud system containers on the Kubernetes cluster

  • Install JumpScale services on the OpenvCloud cluster nodes

  • Execute IPMI and JumpScale commands on the OpenvCloud cluster nodes

  • Deploy virtual machine images

The script is used as follows:

installer --version {installation version} --config {system config file path} <command> <subcommand> [other options]

With --version you can specify the required available release to be installed, e.g. 2.3.0.

With --config you can specify the path to the system configuration file, typically system-config.yaml. This file contains all the necessary information for a successful installation using the YAML format. For more details see Configuration File Details.

The script takes following commands:


The cluster command is used to perform actions on the Kubernetes cluster which includes deploying, updating and upgrading the Kubernetes cluster and its workloads.

There are four cluster subcommands:

cluster deploy

The command cluster deploy will use the JumpScale Prefab module for Kubernetes to install the Kubernetes cluster and deploy the OpenvCloud pods.

Following options are available

  • --configure-cluster specifies to setup the Kubernetes cluster or not

  • --no-configure-cluster specifies to only OpenvCloud pods


installer --config system-config.yaml cluster deploy

cluster resources

The resources command is used to handle Kubernetes resource files.

There are four cluster resources subcommands:

  • apply

  • applyall Apply all kubernetes resources

  • write Rewrite all templates

cluster resources apply

To apply a specific kubernetes resource Following options are available:

  • --path path to template

cluster resources writeconfig

The command cluster resources writeconfig is used to create Kubernetes ConfigMaps from the specified configuration file. configmap is the specified configuration that can be mounted to the Kubernetes pods when the application needs information from the config file to perform its operations. This is already handled using the above command but this command can be used if it is required to update the ConfigMap with new config data.

Usage is as follows

  • Write or update system-config in Kubernetes ConfigMap based on YAML file:

    installer --config system-config.yaml cluster resources writeconfig
  • Rewrite kube resources from template:

    installer --config system-config.yaml cluster resources write

cluster updatedomain

The command cluster updatedomain is used to update the SSL certificates and the domain of the environment. This is done by updating the environment and/or certificates sections in the passed configuration file. ssl section needs to be updated with a new certificate name for the certificate update, the subdomane and basedomain for the update domain. If adding a new certificate, certificates section needs to be updated with a new certificate, chosen from ssl section.

cluster upgrade

Upgrade cluster, updates all nodes and clusters and updates kubernetes resources.


The node command is used to execute IPMI and JumpScale actions on the CPU and storage nodes in the OpenvCloud cluster.

Subcommands of node:

  • action Will apply the action on storage and cpu...

  • jsaction Will apply the action on all nodes (cpu,...

  • update Update code and restart required services on...

Usage is as follows:

installer --config system-config.yaml node action --name node_name <action>

with --name you specify the name of the CPU/storage node, as configured in the configuration file.

Following IPMI commands are supported:

  • reboot reboots the specified node

  • is_up checks whether node is up and running

  • wait_up waits untill the node is up and running

  • enable_pxe enables PXE on node

  • disable_pxe disables PXE on node

  • install_os installs the operating system on node

Following JumpScale commands are supported:

  • install installs JumpsScale services

  • start starts JumpScale services

  • stop stops JumpScale services r

  • restart restarts JumpScale services

  • update updates JumpScale services



  • applyconfig Apply storage config


The image command is used to install virtual machine images on the OpenvCloud cluster.

Usage is as follows:

installer --config system-config.yaml image deploy --name image_name

With --name you specify the AYS template of the image package to deploy.