Create Custom Dashboards

If you are completely new to Grafana, start here:‚Äč

Following measurements are available:


  • disk.iops.write


  • disk.throughput.write

  • machine.CPU.utilisation

  • network.packages.rx

  • network.packages.tx

  • network.throughput.incoming

  • network.throughput.outgoing

  • network.vfw.packets.rx

  • network.vfw.packets.tx

  • network.vfw.throughput.incoming

  • network.vfw.throughput.outgoing

For each of them three variants exist:

  • h: values collected per hour

  • m: values collected per 5 minutes

  • t: total aggregated value

In what follows, all steps are documented in order to create a simple dashboard visualizing the average read and write IOPS of all virtual machines.

The very first step is selecting + New from the Dashboard menu:

You'll get an empty dashboard with one row.

From the hamburger menu on the left of the row select Add Panel > Graph:

On Metrics tab of the Graph panel select Influxdb_controller as the value for Panel data source:

Still in the Metrics tab select as the measurement of the first query:

Next, specify that you only want the values of the virtual disks:

Add a second query by clicking + Add query:

For the second query select disk.iops.write as the measurement and again for the virtual disks:

Change the aliases of both queries:

In the General tab change the Title to Average IOPS of Virtual Disks:

Hit Save and see the result: