User Management

As documented in the section about the Users page user management is done from the Users page which is both accessible from the Cloud Broker Portal and the System Portal.

A user is minimally member of "user" and/or the "admin" group:

  • In order to have access to End User portal, you need at least "user" group membership

  • Access to all other portals, such as the Cloud Broker Portal, requires at at least "admin" group membership

See the section about Groups for more details about the other groups, particullary the "level 1", "level 2" and "level3" groups are important to understand when operating an OpenvCloud environment.

See the section about the End User Portal Authorization Model to learn about the actual (read, write, admin) rights that need to be granted to end users at the level of accounts, cloud spaces and virtual machines.

Managing who has read, write or admin access at the account level can only be done via the Accounts page in the Cloud Broker Portal, as documented in the section about Accounts.

Managing who has read, write or admin access at the cloud spaces and virtual machines level is done in the End User Portal, as documented in the sections about Cloud Space Settings and the section about Machines respectivelly.


Limiting the maximum available cloud capacity is done at two levels:

Currently, you can not limit the maximum available capacity to a virtual machine or user.

For all interactions with an OpenvCloud environment through the Cockpit API, Cockpit Portal and Cockpit Chatbot authentication and authorization is managed by